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First Footsteps in East Africa; Or, an Exploration of Harar

by Richard F. Burton

i. Title Page
ii. Dedication
iii. Preface

1. Departure from Aden
2. Life in Zayla
3. Excursions Near Zayla
4. The Somal, Their Origin and Peculiarites
5. From Zayla to the Hills
6. From the Zayla Hills to the Marar Prairie
7. From the Marar Prairie to Harar
8. Ten Days at Harar
9. A Ride to Berberah
10. Berberah and Its Environs
11. Postscript

A. Appendix I.
B. Appendix II.
C. Appendix III
D. Appendix IV.
E. Appendix V.