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Joseph Poprzeczny was born in Trier (French-occupied West Germany) in 1945 and was a Wyalkatchem resident from late 1950 until early 1965, when he left to study full-time in Perth. He attended Wyalkatchem State School during 1951; Presentation Convent, 1952-57; and St Ildephonsus’ College, New Norcia, 1958-62. During 1963 and 1964 he worked as one of the town’s postmen and as a night telephone exchange attendant. Thereafter he attended Leederville Technical College, 1965, and the University of Western Australia, 1966-72. During university holidays, 1966 to 1971, he worked either as a Co-operative Bulk Handling wheat bin attendant or farm hand across the Wyalkatchem district.

He has taught humanities disciplines at the University of Western Australia, Monash University (Melbourne), and Murdoch University; served on the personal staffs of three Australian federal parliamentarians, 1976-80; and was research director at the Perth Chamber of Commerce, 1982-83. He has been a politics and education reporter with The Australian (Perth Bureau) and The Sunday Times; business writer and public affairs feature columnist with Western Australian Business News, the Melbourne-based News Weekly, and as a weekly political affairs commentator with Curtin University’s-FM Radio.

His biography of Hitler’s most vicious genocidal killer, Hitler’s Man in the East, Odilo Globocnik (McFarland Publishers, Jefferson, North Carolina & London) which was published in 2004, has been released by the Czech Academy of Sciences, in the Czech language, under the title, ‘Hitleruv kat na Vychode,Odilo Globocnik’ in 2009.