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Hungarian Revolt, October 23 - November 4, 1956, The

by Richard Lettis and William I. Morris, Editors

i. The Hungarian Revolt
ii. Preface
iii. Introduction

1. "Those Heroic Days"
2. Radio Broadcasts from Hungary
3. The Hungarian Revolution
4. We moved to freedom... by Cardinal Mindszenty
5. The New York Times Reports
6. One Day in the World's Press
7. Hungary: The First Six Days
8. Budapest: Interview In a Basement Hideaway
9. Hungary: Freedoms' Choice
10. "People Were Dropping Like Flies"
11. "Personal... From Budapest"
12. Budapest Under Fire
13. Inside Hungary - Witness to Red Revenge
14. What the Hungarians Say about Western Propaganda
15. No More Comrades
16. Thirteen Days That Shook the Kremlin

A. Glossary
B. Appendices: The Problem of Hungary