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Mayport Chronicles

by Donald J. Mabry with the late Dyle R. Johnson

i. Title
ii. Acknowledgments

1. Introduction
2. Dyle R.Johnson, Mayport Historian
3. Mayport Minorcans
4. The St. Johns River Bar and the River from Jacksonville to the Sea
5. History of the Lighthouse Service in Mayport, Florida
6. Mayport and River Navigation
7. Uncle Charlie Leek
8. Walter T. Galvin, Locomotive Fireman
9. Yankee Engineer in Florida
10. Mighty Mayport Beats Jacksonville
11. Florida's Napoleon
12. Princess to Pauper: The Legend of Elizabeth P. Stark
13. The King House--Haunted?
14. WWI Veterans: Jacksonville Beaches & Mayport, Florida
15. Observations

A. About the Author