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Nam Vet, Vol. 5, Number 9 (September 17, 1991)

Volume  5, Number  9                            September 17, 1991
     .                                  __                           .

     .    -*-  N A M   V E T  -*-  ____/  \_                         .

     .                            (      *                          .

     .        Managing  Editor        Quangtri                      .

     .        ----------------     \_/       \_ Hue                 .

     .         G. Joseph Peck          \_Ashau    Phu Bai            .

     .                                   \_*       \_                .

     .      Editorial Assistants                 *  )               .

     .      --------------------          _/     Danang              .

     .          Pete Farias       |/    (            \_*Chu Lai     .

     .         Sarge Hultgren    --*--    \_    ------- \__          .

     .                            /|       \_  I Corps             .

     .      Distribution Manager               -------     !        .

     .          ------------                 /\_____        !        .

     .          Jerry Hindle                /       !               .

     .                                      !       !___            .

     .        Section Editors               !           /\____!     .

     .        ---------------               !                 !      .

     .  IN-TOUCH: Ray "Frenchy" Moreau     /  Dak To          !      .

     .  INCARCERATED VETS: Joyce Flory    /     *            /       .

     .  NEED-TO-KNOW: Lefty Frizzell      !                  \_      .

     .  VETERAN EMPLOYMENT: Fred Sochacki !             Phu Cat     .

     .  MIA/POW: Marsha Ledeman                *            *  )    .

     .  AGENT ORANGE: Jim Ferguson           Pleiku            )    .

     .  KEEPER OF THE LIST: Charlie Revie                          .

     .                                       /                  /    .

     . "In the jungles of 'Nam, some of us  (       --------    !    .

     . were scared and wary, but we pulled  _      II Corps    !    .

     . one another along and were able     /        --------        .

     . to depend on each other.  That has                          .

     . never changed.  Today, free of the   !                 *  /   .

     . criticisms and misunderstandings   _/           Nhatrang /    .

     . many veterans have endured,      _/                     /     .

     . NAM VET is a shining beacon,  __/                       !     .

     . a ray of hope, and a    _  __/                         !     .

     . reminder that the _____( )/      !               Camranh Bay  .

     . lessons learned  /               !__                    !     .

     . at such a high  /                                     /      .

     . price shall not           Bien Hoa                  /       .

     . be forgotten  -  !  Chu Chi       *               __/        .

     . nor the errors    \_   *   ---------          ___/           .

     . repeated!!!"  ____        III Corps        _/               .

     .       / \_____)   )_(_     ---------     !__/  Duplication in .

     .       !               (               ___/ any form permitted .

     .  _____!                \__      * ___/      for NONCOMMERCIAL .

     . !                          Saigon/            purposes ONLY!  .

     .  \___   --------           /  /                              .

     .        IV Corps          /       For other use, contact:     .

     .       ) --------         /                                    .

     .      /                   !   G. Joseph Peck (413) 442-1660    .

     .     /               ____/           Managing Editor           .

     .    /         Mekong/                                          .

     .    !         Delta/  This newsletter is comprised of articles .

     .    !        ____/     and items from individuals and other    .

     .    !       /       sources.  We are not responsible for the   .

     .    !      /      content of this information nor are any of   .

     .    !   __/        NAM VETs contributors or Section Editors.   .

     .     \_/                                                   gjp .

     .                                                               .

     NAM VET Newsletter                                       Page    i

     Volume  5, Number  9                            September 17, 1991
                      T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S
**************************Part 1/7*************************************

     1.  Editorials

          Once upon a long time ago... .............................  1

          Thanks ...................................................  3

          Murphy's list continues to grow! .........................  4
     2.  Sister Vets

          Chronology of Vietnam Women's Memorial Project ...........  6

          Monumental Difference ....................................  9

          VWMP's Sister Search ..................................... 10

          VWMP's Sister Search Form ................................ 11

**************************Part 2/7*************************************

     3.  In-Touch

          EDS and VETLink helps vets get "In Touch"! ............... 12

          Khe Sanh Vet searches for info on KIA brother ............ 14

          They haven't forgotten US!!! ............................. 15

          In-Touch: What is it??? .................................. 16

          IN-TOUCH Registration/Request Form!!! .................... 19

          KheSanh Vet Newsletter "Red Clay" ........................ 21

          Khe Sanh Innovations and Information ..................... 22
**************************Part 3/7*************************************

     4.  Drums be not Silent

          Freedom Now! ............................................. 23

          POW Items Available ...................................... 27

          Pentagon admits "POWs alive in Laos!" .................... 28

          Not prepared to be abandoned! ............................ 30

          Anatomy of MIA/POW Scam!     ............................. 35

          DIA wants to stop POW search ............................. 38

**************************Part 4/7*************************************

     5.  Shiftin' Sands

          Desert Storm Trophies WARNING! ........................... 40

          Desert Storm Vet Not Forgotten! .......................... 41

          She Flies Ever High!!! ................................... 42

          Long Time Now ............................................ 43

          War Criminal Hussein and 'Nam PM Not? .................... 44
     6.  Don't drink the water!

          Agent Orange & Adverse Health Effects .................... 48

          NJ A/O Commission - Attention Women Vets! ................ 52

          NJ Agent Orange Alert! ................................... 54

          Break out the Clearasil ! ............................ 55
**************************Part 5/7*************************************
     7.  A Family Affair

          SURVIVOR's - A program for veterans and families ......... 56

          Hands Across Time ........................................ 60

          Kokomo Vet Reunion... Vet groups - CHECK YOUR SIX! ....... 61
     8.  Veterans n' Jobtalk

          EMPLOYMENT: A Report by DAV's RONALD W. DRACH ............ 63

          Hiring quota's make a Job NOT a Job! ..................... 69

          Applied Dedication and Commitment  ....................... 71
**************************Part 6/7*************************************
     9.  Forgotten - again?

          Veterans Forgotten? ...................................... 72

          Jungle to Jail - Part 1 .................................. 77

                                     VIET CONS ..................... 78

          A visit or note once in awhile? .......................... 81

          Petition/Form for POW US Postal Stamp  ................... 82

     10.  Over Montezuma, Anchors yonder!

          The Eight Days of Creation ............................... 83

          The Electronic Chapel .................................... 84

          To Those Born Before 1945 ................................ 85
**************************Part 7/7*************************************

     11.  Hmmm...

          Only the Phony ... Fake Vets Cash In ..................... 87

          Persevere in dealings with COVA .......................... 94
     12.  Charlie's Angels

          VIETNAM_VETS: Where? ..................................... 98

          Some Gave All... ......................................... 101

     NAM VET Newsletter                                       Page   ii

     Volume  5, Number  9                            September 17, 1991



                       Once upon a long time ago...

                             By G. Joseph Peck

                         NamVet's Managing Editor

                        VETLink #1 - Pittsfield, MA

                              (413) 443-6313

     Once upon a long time ago "advisors" were sent to a little country 

     across  the sea.   Soon thereafter,  a US President said "Ask  not 

     what  your country can do for YOU...  ask what YOU can do for your 

     country!"    Almost   immediately,   there  thronged  to  military 

     recruitment  centers around the country hordes of young Americans, 

     eager  and  willing to do what proud countrymen had done  in  ages 

     past:  Defend America and her principles -  this time in a country 

     called Viet Nam.

     With leaders that often pulled in different directions, objectives 

     taken  only to be quickly abandoned,  America super-examining  HER 

     conscience and losing many of her finest,  military strength began 

     to  decrease and "Project 100,000"  (A Great Society  "brainchild" 

     instituted  to get America's disadvantaged youth 'off the streets' 

     and  teach military discipline and skills)  was instituted.   Soon 

     that, too, disturbed the conscience of America.

     Proud  defenders of freedom they,  returning soldiers were treated 

     with less-than-honorable regard as America "punished the warriors" 

     for doing what their country had asked them to do.  

     Once upon a long time ago, too, on a cold and quiet Wyoming night, 

     a  computer-using  veteran  tap-tap-tapped out a  message  on  his 

     keyboard to another veteran who "understood"  and "talked the same 

     language" into an echo called VIETNAM_VETS. A "bouncing betty" had 

     taken  the legs from that veteran and he was confined to his  home 

     "for the duration".  

     Soon,  heavens that once were filled with tears melted into a link 

     of brotherhood.  And that "brotherhood"  grew and grew and grew as 

     more  and  more  veterans discovered they weren't alone  in  their 

     nightmares, troubles and successes - and they began to communicate 

     with  one  another.   Other  "echoes"  (message  bases  that  were 

     exchanged  with  other  BBSs  and their  users)  were  created  as 

     VIETNAM_VETS  discovered  the wide range of topics that  America's 

     veterans  had  in common -  or wanted to learn more  about...  and 

     VETNet was born.

     On Veterans' Day, 1987 (11/11/87) there entered into the computer- 

     using veterans'  world an electronic newsletter that would distill 

     some  of  the information from VIETNAM_VETS and the VETNet  echoes 

     and  add  other  articles that all veterans (and  their  families) 

     might like to know about.   "NamVet"  -  the electronic newsletter 

     by,  for  and  about veterans and the issues that concern  them  - 

     became a monthly reality!

     No  "magic  wand"  was  waved,  nor was there anyone  "behind  the 

     scenes"  casting spells or other incantations upon the messages in 

     VIETNAM_VETS  and  the  VETNet  echoes.   Almost  miraculously,  a 

     NAM VET Newsletter                                         Page  1

     Volume  5, Number  9                            September 17, 1991
     "loosening  of the chains"  began to take place.   Veterans,  once 

     solely focused on the "rejection"  they endured when they returned 

     to  civilian  life,  began  to communicate about  BASIC  training, 

     weaponry  used in battle,  tracers,  dustoffs,  medevacs,  soldier 

     "games"  and  happenings,  EARNED veteran benefits that often were 

     being  denied  by a cold an'  sterile Veterans Administration  and 

     other agencies ...  and VETLink #1 -  on the scene from almost day 

     one -  increased its efforts to touch ALL veterans.

     VETLink #2 (703-471-8010), with SysOp Ray "Frenchy"  Moreau at the 

     Herndon,  VA  helm,  added his efforts,  equipment and  expertise; 

     VETLink #3  (314-334-6359)  in Cape Girardeau,  MO with SysOp Mike 

     Bryeans  continuously added his programming expertise and an awful 

     lot of needed help;  VETLink #4 (301-261-5644)  in Shady Side,  MD 

     with  SysOp Jim Hildwine added his communications  expertise;  and 

     VETLink #5 (201-778-1879) in Passaic,  NJ with SysOp Fred Sochacki 

     "Semper  Fidelis"-ing all the way   ...  and the  VETLink #? 

     BBS, each carrying the VETNet echoes, important veteran text files 

     and  many  issues of NamVet,  became truly a LINKing of the  proud 

     VETerans  of our nation -  with each new VETLink BBS adding a  new 

     and sometimes colorful hue to the word VETERAN.   (VETLink's 4 and 

     5  will  soon  be adding special and unique echoes to  the  VETNet 


     Once  upon  a long time ago on a cold and quiet Wyoming  night,  a 

     computer-using   veteran  tap-tap-tapped  out  a  message  on  his 

     keyboard to another veteran who "understood"  and "talked the same 

     language" into an echo called VIETNAM_VETS -- 

     ...and  his  brothers  and sisters,  in an  electronic  way,  have 

     answered the call!

     The  MORAL  of this story?  "Ya ain't alone,  brother  and  sister 

     veteran!   If  you  wanna talk to a brother/sister veteran or  you 

     need  veteran  benefit  information or want to find  out  about  a 

     reunion  or  try to find out about a veteran you've  lost  contact 

     with, or anything else veteran-related,  pop into the VIETNAM_VETS 

     echo or call a VETLink near you.  If there ISN'T one,  think about 

     BEING one... or ask your friendly SysOp about VETLink!!!"

                              'til next month

                     Show a brother or sister veteran

                             That YOU care!!!

            and we might ALL "live happily ever after" 

                              Ci'ao for Ni'ao

                                 -  Joe  -


     NAM VET Newsletter                                         Page  2

     Volume  5, Number  9                            September 17, 1991

                              By Jim Hildwine

                 NamVet's Federal Benefits Section Editor

                  Dak To West/VETLink #4 - Shady Side, MD

                              (301) 261-5644

        In  our lives,  we all have a dream we'd like to see come true. 

     To some, it's hitting the lottery for a million bucks. For others, 

     their family's return after divorce or separation.  To others,  to 

     find  or  see some place like Hawaii,  or to go to the top of  Mt. 

     Everest.  Sometimes these dreams do come true,  but the key factor 

     is not luck, it's just hard hard work, and a determination to make 

     that dream come true.  

        Among  us  walks  a man.   His dream five years ago was  to  do 

     something with a computer to help Veterans and,  to be more exact, 

     the  Vietnam  Vet and Vietnam Era Vet.   He has poured  his  life, 

     hours,  days,  weeks,  months and even years to accomplishing this 


        A  dream comes true when one day along comes a brother  VetLink 

     #2 and it's way down south in a place called Herndon, Va.  And not 

     long after VetLink #2, then POW! Vet Link #3 pops up and starts to 

     fall  into place,  and then out of nowhere here comes VetLink  #4, 

     followed by Vet Link #5.  Yep folks a dream is coming true.   It's 

     not a fast dream, but its a slow,  o'  so painfully slow one.  But 

     the hard work, late hours, attention to detail,  and devotion to a 

     self-appointed duty is making this dream come true.  

        Some day... Some day... This nation will have VetLinks from sea 

     to shining sea, from Canada, to Australia, and even more.

        We the proud the few and then the so many Veterans need to take 

     a few seconds out and thank a guy Named Gjoseph Peck.  For Joe has 

     carried  the  ball for the rest of us when we were not  even  sure 

     where it was..... 

        So from this VetLink #4, 

                  Thanks for a job well done.

                    Jim Hildwine, SysOp - Dak To West/VETLink #4     

     [Note  from Joe:   I was a little humbled in placing the above  in 

     this month's NamVet.  Jim specially asked me to.   Thanks,  Jim...  

     Its  KNOWING  that in some way I've been able to help make  things 

     better  for  our  computer-world  of veterans that  makes  it  ALL 


       Welcome aboard, bro'!!!   And Thanks for the Thanks!!!]


     NAM VET Newsletter                                         Page  3

     Volume  5, Number  9                            September 17, 1991
                     Murphy's list continues to grow!


     A special THANKS to Dave Doehrman and Khe Sanh Vets Newsletter; 

     Springfield, MA VVA Chapter 111; Lt. Col Jack Finch USA (Ret.) and 

     members of the VIETNAM_VETS International Echo for helping us keep  

     Murphy's list growing!  Okay... now all we need is to have our 

     Desert Shield/Desert Storm folks let us know how Murphy treated 

     them?  How's about it, folks?

       - An Incomplete List of Murphy's Laws of Combat Operations -

     1.  Military intelligence can be a contradiction in terms.

     2.  Recoilless rifles - aren't.

     3.  A sucking chest wound is nature's way of telling you to slow


     4.  The enemy diversion you are ignoring is the main attack.

     5.  If the enemy is within range, then so are you.

     6.  Friendly fire - isn't.

     7.  If it's stupid and works, then it ain't stupid.

     8.  When you have secured an area, don't forget to tell the enemy.

     9.  If you're short of everything except the enemy, then you're in 

          the combat zone.

     10. Try to look unimportant.  They may be low on ammo.

     11. The easy way is always mined.

     12. Tracers work both ways.

     13. Sh*t happens.

     14. Incoming fire has the right of way.

     15. Teamwork is essential. It gives them other people to shoot at.

     16. Never draw fire - it irritates everyone around you.

     17. No combat ready unit has ever passed an inspection.

     18. No inspection ready unit has ever passed combat.

     19. Make it too tough for the enemy to get in and you can't get 


     20. If both sides are convinced they're about to lose, they're 

          both right.

     21. Professionals are predictable, but the world is full of

          dangerous amateurs.

     22. Fortify your front and you'll get your rear shot up.

     23. When in doubt, empty your magazine.

     24. In war, important things are very simple and all simple things 

          are hard.

     25. Don't look conspicuous, it draws fire.

     26. Communications will fail as soon as you need fire support.

     27. Weather ain't neutral.

     28. Never share a foxhole with anyone braver than you.

     29. Remember, your weapon was made by the lowest bidder.

     30. If you can't remember, the claymore is pointed towards you.

     31. All five second grenade fuses are three seconds.

     32. The only thing more accurate than incoming enemy fire is

          incoming friendly.

     33. If your attack is going really well, it's an ambush.

     34. No OPLAN survives first contact intact.

     35. If it flies, it dies.

     36. When you are forward of your position, the artillery will

          always be short.

     37. Suppressive fire - won't.

     38. You are not Superman.

     39. Cavalry doesn't always come to the rescue.

     NAM VET Newsletter                                         Page  4

     Volume  5, Number  9                            September 17, 1991
     40. B-52's are the ultimate in close air support.

     41. Sniper's motto: Reach out and touch someone.

     42. Peace is our profession - mass murder's just a hobby.

     43. Killing for peace is like whoring for virginity.

     44. There's always a way.

     45. Murphy was a grunt.

     46. It's not the one with your name on it - it's the round

          addressed "to whom it may concern" ya gotta think about.

     47. Remember napalm is an area weapon.

     48. Mines are equal opportunity weapons.

     50. There is no such thing as the perfect plan.

     51. The enemy invariably attacks on two occasions:

         a. when you are ready for them.

         b. when you are not ready for them.

     52. Anything you do can get you shot, including nothing.

     53. Marine math: 2 beers times 39 Marines is 49 cases.

     54. Body Count Math: 2 VC plus 1 chicken and 3 pigs equals 37

          enemy killed in action.

     55. Things that must be together to work, can't be carried in the 

          field that way.

     56. If you take more than your share of objectives, you will be 

          given more than your share of objectives to take.


     NAM VET Newsletter                                         Page  5

     Volume  5, Number  9                            September 17, 1991


                                 Sister Vets

         Brief Chronology of the Vietnam Women's Memorial Project

                  Vietnam Women's Memorial Project, Inc.

                       2001 S Street, NW - Suite 302

                          Washington, D.C. 20009

                    (202) 328-7253  FAX (202) 328-0063

                        Submitted by: Martha Green

                        VETLink #1 - Pittsfield, MA

                              (413) 443-6313

     1983       (September) The  idea for the memorial is conceived  by 

                Diane Carlson Evans, RN, who served in Vietnam.   Evans 

                shared  her  dream  with  Rodger  M.  Brodin,  a  noted 

                Minnesota sculptor.  Together, using Brodin's skills as 

                an artist and Evans' memories of life in Vietnam,  they 

                created a statue of a female veteran.

     1984       (April) To  place  this statue at the Vietnam  Veterans 

                Memorial  in  Washington,  D.C.,  the  Vietnam  Women's 

                Memorial   Project  is  incorporated  as  a   nonprofit 

                volunteer  organization.   Its additional goals are  to 

                educate  the public about the role of women during  the 

                Vietnam war and to locate the women who served.

     1985-1986  Resolutions  are passed at the national conventions  of 

                major  veterans organizations supporting the efforts of 

                the  Project:  The American Legion,  Disabled  American 

                Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Vietnam Veterans of 

                America, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Jewish War 


     1986       (May) FIRST APPROVAL OBTAINED.   The  Vietnam  Veterans 

                Memorial  Fund,  Inc.   chaired  by  John  Wheeler  and 

                President  Jan  Scruggs,  approve  the placement  of  a 

                women's memorial at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

     1986-1987  Fundraising,  education,  public  relations and  Sister 

                Search activities continue.

     1987       (September) SECOND APPROVAL OBTAINED.  Secretary of the 

                Interior  approves  the  concept of placing  a  Vietnam 

                Women's Memorial at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

     1987       (October) FINE ARTS COMMISSION REJECTS PROPOSAL     for 

                memorial in public hearing by a 4-1 vote.

     1987       (November) S.J. 215   is   introduced  in  the   senate 

                authorizing  a Vietnam Women's Memorial at the  Vietnam 

                Veterans  Memorial  and  companion  bill  H.R. 3628  is 

                introduced in the House.

     1988       (February) Hearings  are  held on S.J. 2042 before  the 

                Senate Subcommittee on Public Lands, National Parks and 

                Forests  to complete the Vietnam Veterans Memorial with 

                a Vietnam Women's Memorial.


     NAM VET Newsletter                                         Page  6

     Volume  5, Number  9                            September 17, 1991
     1988       (May) To  comply with the Commemorative Works Act,  the 

                law  governing  the process for the  authorization  and 

                placement of approved memorials,  the VWMP must receive 

                site   approval   before  it  can  proceed   with   the 

                presentation of a memorial design for approval.

     1988       (June) Project  Headquarters  move from Minneapolis  to 

                Washington, D.C.

     1988       (June) Senate passes S.J. 2042 by a vote of 96-1.

     1988       (June) Hearings  held before the House Subcommittee  on 

                Libraries and Memorials.

     1988       (September) House   of   Representatives  rejects   the 

                language  of  S.J. 2042,  and  on  September 23  passes 

                another  version of the bill to authorize a memorial to 

                women  who served in Vietnam.   However,  language does 

                not specify the site of the memorial,  other than it be 

                placed  on  federal lands in Washington,  D.C.  or  its 

                environs.   This  adds a level of concern that  without 

                specification,  the  memorial could be built in a  less 

                appropriate place.

     1988       (October 12) The  Senate  passes an amended version  of 

                S.J. 2042 as passed by the House,  authorizing that the 

                memorial be placed on federal lands in Washington, D.C. 

                or its environs.

     1988       (October 21) Just  hours before the adjournment of  the 

                100th   Congress,   the  House  rejects  the   Senate's 

                amendment.  The Senate receded to the House position.

     1988       (November 15) President  Reagan signs S.J. 2042,  which 

                becomes  Public Law 100-600,  authorizing the  approval 

                for a Vietnam Women's Memorial.

     1989       (October 31) Senate  approves  Area I site  specificity 

                for the Vietnam Women's Memorial.

     1989       (November 17) House  approves  Area I site  specificity 

                for the Vietnam Women's Memorial.

     1989       (November 28) President    Bush    signs    legislation 

                authorizing   Area  I  site  for  the  Vietnam  Women's 


     1990       (April) National   Capital   Memorial  Commission   and 

                Commission  of Fine Arts approve specific sites  within 

                Area I for the Vietnam Women's Memorial.

     1990       (May) National  Capital  Memorial  Commission  approves 

                specific  sites  within Area I for the Vietnam  Women's 


     1990       (August 20) National  Open One-Stage Design Competition 

                launched for design of the Vietnam Women's Memorial.

     1990       (Veterans Day) Co-Finalists  and Honorable Mentions  of 

     NAM VET Newsletter                                         Page  7

     Volume  5, Number  9                            September 17, 1991
                Design   Competition  announced  at  Press  Conference, 

                National Building Museum, Washington, D.C.

     1991       (June) Glenna Goodacre, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Honorable 

                Mention Winner,  selected by VWMF Board of Directors to 

                design the Vietnam Women's Memorial.

     1991       (September 12) Vietnam  Women's  Memorial  approval  by 

                National Capital Memorial Commission.

     1991       (September 19) Vietnam Women's Memorial to be presented 

                before Commission of Fine Arts for final approval.


     NAM VET Newsletter                                         Page  8

     Volume  5, Number  9                            September 17, 1991

            Even a small donation

                        can make a monumental difference.


     Efforts are now underway to erect a monument on the grounds of the

     Vietnam Veterans Memorial that recognizes the role played by women

     veterans.  The Vietnam Women's Memorial Project is conducting this

     drive  as part of a  larger effort to  educate all Americans about

     the vital services provided  by over  265,000 women,  military and

     civilian, during the Vietnam War.


         O                              O

          O                            O

           O                          O

            O                        O

             O                      O

              O                    O Your contribution, large or small,

               O                  O will help ensure that these women's

                O                O  sacrifices are not forgotten.

                 O __________   O

                  O          ) O

                 /(O)       / O

                /          / O  

               / VIETNAM  /      

              /  WOMEN'S /HONORING

             / MEMORIAL /   THE   

            /  PROJECT /   WOMEN   

           /          /     WHO     

          /          /       SERVED /

         (__________/              /





     /_/ Yes, I want to help honor America's Women Vietnam veterans.

         My tax-deductible contribution is enclosed.


     /_/ Send me more information abut how I can help make this dream

         a reality.


     /_/ I am a woman who served during the Vietnam era.

     NAME ____________________________________________________________

     ADDRESS _________________________________________________________

     CITY ______________________________________  STATE ______________

     ZIP ____________________ PHONE __________________________________

     Clip and mail along with your contribution to:


              2001 S St., NW Suite 710

              Washington, DC  20009


                       A legacy of Healing and Hope

     NAM VET Newsletter                                         Page  9

     Volume  5, Number  9                            September 17, 1991
                  Vietnam Women's Memorial Project, Inc.

                              "Sister Search"

                        Submitted by: Martha Green

                        VETLink #1 - Pittsfield, MA

                              (413) 443-6313

     The  Vietnam  Women's  Memorial Project's  "SISTER  SEARCH"  is  a 

     program  designed  to locate the military and civilian  women  who 

     served their country during the Vietnam War.

     The  goals of "SISTER SEARCH"  are to facilitate hope and  healing 

     among women veterans; to provide a network for them; and to assist 

     research efforts on women who served during the Vietnam War.

     Vietnam   era  women  veterans  are  asked  to  provide  as   much 

     information  as they feel comfortable sharing.   Although  "Sister 

     Search" is NOT a locator service,  should an inquiry be made as to 

     whereabouts of a person included in the "SISTER SEARCH"  database, 

     the VWMP will pass the inquiry along in writing to the individual, 

     allowing her to decide whether she would like to respond.   If the 

     individual  is deceased,  the inquiry will be sent to the  closest 

     family member identified by the VWMP.

     All   women  veterans  in  the  "SISTER  SEARCH"   database   will 

     periodically  receive  information on the Project's  progress  and 

     ultimately  receive an invitation to the dedication ceremonies  in 

     Washington, D.C.

     The  Vietnam Women's Memorial Project is a  non-profit,  volunteer 

     organization  with the threefold purpose of:  educating the public 

     about  the women who served during the Vietnam era;  locating  and 

     providing  a  network  for these women;  and placing  a  realistic 

     representation  of  a Vietnam woman veteran on the grounds of  the 

     Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC.   The Project has the 

     support  of every major veterans group in America,  including  the 

     Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.

     For more information, contact:

                              "SISTER SEARCH"

                              Vietnam Women's Memorial Project

                              2001 'S' Street NW

                              Suite #302

                              Washington DC  20009


     NAM VET Newsletter                                         Page 10

     Volume  5, Number  9                            September 17, 1991
                  Vietnam Women's Memorial Project, Inc.

           2001 'S' Street NW - Suite 302 - Washington DC 20009

                    (202) 328-7253  FAX: (202) 328-0063

                        Submitted by: Martha Green

                        VETLink #1 - Pittsfield, MA

                              (413) 443-6313

                               SISTER SEARCH

     Name:________________________Vietnam Era Name: ___________________

                                  (If different)

     Address:_____________________________________ Work #: ____/_______

     City:________________ State: __ Zip:________  Home #:

     Branch of Service or

     Civilian Organization: ___________________________________________

                           In-Country (Vietnam)

     Assignment #1: ___________________________________________________

     Start Date: ___________________________ End Date: ________________

     Assignment #2: ___________________________________________________

     Start Date: ___________________________ End Date: ________________

     Assignment #3: ___________________________________________________

     Start Date: ___________________________ End Date: ________________

                          Vietnam Era (1959-1975)

     Assignment: ______________________________________________________

     Start Date: ___________________________ End Date: ________________

     The  Project  receives inquires from the press and researchers  in 

     search  of  Vietnam  era women veterans who are willing  to  share 

     their experiences.Your participation as a press/research/education 

     contact is strictly optional.

     I  authorize  the Vietnam Women's Memorial Project to  release  my 

     name  to individuals or organizations who are seeking  information 

     on  Vietnam era women veterans for press inquirries,  research  or 

     educational activities.

     Signature ________________________________________ Date __________

     I  authorize  the Vietnam Women's Memorial Project to  release  my 

     name  to the National Associate Volunteer,  Regional and/or  State 

     Coordinator in my area.


     FOR OFFICE USE     |

     DATE RECEIVED:     |

                        | Signature ___________________ Date __________

     TRANSFER:          |

                        | Please  list  the names and addresses of  any 

     ENTER:             | other  Vietnam era women veterans you know on 

                        | the back of this form.


     COMMENTS:          |

     -------------------| Thank you for participating in SISTER SEARCH


     NAM VET Newsletter                                         Page 11

     Volume  5, Number  9                            September 17, 1991



                  EDS and VETLINK helps vets get In Touch

                          By Ray "Frenchy" Moreau

                     NamVet's In-Touch Section Editor

               Herndon Byte Exchange/VETLink #2 - Herndon, VA

                              (703) 471-8010

     Ninety-six  people have volunteered their time at the tenth annual 

     Vietnam  Veterans  Reunion in Kokomo,  Indiana from  September  12 

     through 15, 1991 to help others learn more about family members or 

     fellow veterans who were lost in the Vietnam war. 

     The  "In Touch"  program,  which combines computer technology with 

     the  work  of  Friends of the Vietnam Veterans  Memorial,  was  in 

     operation  Friday through Sunday -  9/12-15.   The "Buddy  Search" 

     which  uses an online Bulletin Board System software called OSIRIS 

     was   linked   via   the  Delco  Switch  to   the   Herndon   Byte 

     eXchange/Veterans Memorial Gateway BBS in Herndon, VA.  The System 

     Operator,  Ray  "Frenchy"  Moreau, is a technical manager with EDS 

     who  designed the "In Touch"  system and was the recipient of 1991 

     FOSE  Award.  Frenchy is also a retired Senior Chief Petty Officer 

     of  the United States Navy with over four tours in  Vietnam.   The 

     "Buddy  Search"  and  associated  data bases is available  to  the 

     public  via  their  nearest  Vetlink or FIDONET  backbone  on  the 

     International Vietnam Veterans Echo Conference (IVVEC).  More than 

     ten  major VETLinks are now in place and its presence is  creating 

     interest among many large groups including EDS.

     The weekend effort marked the second year that "In Touch" made its 

     presence  and  the  first year for a  new  online  "Buddy"  search 

     system.   Both  were extremely successful.   EDS had one AT system 

     next  to the moving Wall in order to facilitate the search for our 

     Wall  vets.   Three additional AT systems were located in the non-

     profit  tent and were primarily used to locate  family,  relatives 

     and friends of our KIA and MIA brothers.

     More  than  25,000 requests were made of the "In  Touch"  systems.  

     More  than  2,000  entries were provided for  the  "Buddy  Search" 

     online system.

     All  data that was gathered during the reunion will be entered  by 

     EDS  volunteers  in Herndon as well as the Friends in  Washington, 


     The  Friends  of  the Vietnam Veterans Memorial  is  a  non-profit 

     organization  that  supports the National Park Service by  helping 

     the  thousands  of  people who visit the Wall on  a  daily  basis.  

     Friends also provides educational services,  assistance to Vietnam 

     veterans and volunteers who help at the memorial.

     Frenchy was involved for the entire EDS effort in Kokomo. "Many of 

     the  vets  were still grasping out of the  60's"  Frenchy  stated.  

     "You could smell the booze throughout the tent area; yet,  not one 

     can  or  bottle of booze was anywhere next or close to the  moving 

     Wall."   Frenchy  stated  that  in  many  ways  he  felt  ashamed, 

     especially when the local police busted up some "vegetable matter" 

     NAM VET Newsletter                                         Page 12

     Volume  5, Number  9                            September 17, 1991
     users.  He ended the conversation with "Yes,  I felt shame,  but I 

     also  looked in their eyes and was able to see the depth of  pain, 

     the  longing to belong to something,  someone or an organization". 

     He  also  stated that "People who live in glass houses should  not 

     throw stones,  in retrospect they should reach out to assist.   We 

     have  turned  our heads on many,  let's not turn our heads on  our 



     NAM VET Newsletter                                         Page 13

     Volume  5, Number  9                            September 17, 1991
               Khe Sanh Vet searches for info on KIA brother

                          Input by Dave Doehrman

                       Semper Fi BBS - Ft. Wayne, IN

                              (219) 424-4292

     The following was copied from the "Khe Sanh Veteran Newsletter".

     Hopefully someone can help.

     I have been looking for information about my brother, PFC Michael 

     Glenn Lipsius, D Co, 5th Bn, 7th CAV, 2nd Bde, 1st Air Cav, KIA 


     He participated in Operation Pegasus to relieve Khe Sanh, and from 

     there headed for A Shau Valley, where he was shot down. My brother 

     and I were from a broken family. He did not know where my dad was, 

     we did not know where he was, for 12 years. While in Vietnam, Mike 

     somehow got our Dad's address and wrote a letter home. The next 

     day we got the telegram. All these years I have had a difficult 

     time knowing him only as "the remains", and pretending he never 

     existed is not possible. Any assistance or information you could 

     offer would be greatly appreciated.

     Jane Lipsius Barnes

     7 Plymouth Pl.

     Williamsville, NY  14221


     NAM VET Newsletter                                         Page 14

     Volume  5, Number  9                            September 17, 1991

                         W       W          M     M

                         W       W         M M   M M

                         W       W    /   M  M M  M

                  OOOO   W   W   W  --*--  M   M   M   IIII

                 O    O  W  W W  W   /    M       M    II

                 O    O  W W   W W         M       M    II

                 O    O   W     W          M       M    II

                 O    O                                 II

       PPPPPP    O    O            .....                II       AA

       PP   PP    OOOO        .  ''       '' ..        IIII    A    A

       PP    PP            ..'                  '..            A    A

       PPPPPPP          ..'                        ''.         A    A

       PP            ..'                              '.       AAAAAA

       PP          .'                                  ''.     A    A

       PP         .'                                      '.   A    A

                .'                   .:::::..              '.

               .'                  .::::::::::.              '

              .'                 .::::::::::::::.             '.

             .'       __       .::::::::::::::::;:...          '.

            .'      _-  -_   .:::::::::::::::::::::::.          '.

           .'     _-_ _ _ -_ ::::::::::::::::::::::::'           '.

          ..    _- -!!___!!!-_:::::::::::::::::::::::.            ..

          .'       ==_ _- _= .::::::::::::::::::::::::            ',

          .        =-_= _= = ::::::::::::::::::::::::              .

          .'       =-_ =_- = :::::::::::::::::::::::              '.

          .'       = - -_ =_:::::::::::::::::::::.                '.

          .'       -_ -_- .:::::::::::::::::::;;;.                '.

          .'      _-_  ..::::::::::::::::::::::::;                '.

          .     _ _  .:;:::::::::::::::::::::;,                    .

           '    _  .:::::::::::::::::::::::::.                    '.

        Y  .'.....::::::::::::::::::::::::::;'                    '. N

           ::::::::::::::::::::::::'    `'''                      ':

         O `:::::::::::::::::::::::           v/           /    :'E

            `:::::::::::::::::::::: ===========================  :'

           U `:::::::::::::::::::::.          /^              :'T

               `::::::::::::::::::::                          .:

               A `::::::::::::::::::                        .:'T

                  `::::::::::::::::::.                    .;'

                  R `:::::::::::::::::.                 .;' T

                      `::::::::::::::::.              .;'

                      E `:::::::::gjp:::            .:'  O

                          `:::::::::::::...........'' G

                          N   O   T       F   O   R

                       " Bring them home --- NOW !!! "


     NAM VET Newsletter                                         Page 15

     Volume  5, Number  9                            September 17, 1991
                         In-Touch.  What is it ???

                       Input by: Ray "Frenchy" Moreau

                      NAM VETs IN-TOUCH Section Editor

                Herndon Byte eXchange/VETLink #2 - Herndon, VA

                               (703) 471-8010


     |+++++++++++++++++++++++++ IN TOUCH ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++|

     |  There are some 43 million people in the United States whose  |

     |  lives were directly and irrevocably touched by the Vietnam   |

     |  War.                                                         |

     |                                                               |

     |  Almost four million people served in Vietnam -- the longest, |

     |  and perhaps most difficult, war in our history.  More than a |

     |  quarter of a million were seriously wounded. 58,175 are dead |

     |  or missing.                                                  |

     |                                                               |

     |  Each of those who returned recognizes the true cost of war.  |

     |  But so too do the families and friends, wives and lovers of  |

     |  those listed on the Wall.  They too paid a tremendous price, |

     |  not always recognized... many still do.                      |

     |                                                               |

     |  Though twenty years have passed, it seems that is the period |

     |  people have needed to get the distance necessary to begin to |

     |  address the unresolved, deeply personal issues that have     |

     |  been haunting them since the war.  Perhaps that is a measure |

     |  of the pain.                                                 |

     |                                                               |

     |  But, the "healing of a nation" that was intended by the      |

     |  building of the Memorial, has begun.                         |

     |                                                               |

     |  In the office of the Friends of the Vietnam Veterans         |

     |  Memorial, we hear them on the other end of the phone on      |

     |  any given day, and far into the night, they call from all    |

     |  corners of the country.                                      |

     |                                                               |

     |  "If only I could find out..."                                |

     |  "I need to find his family so I can keep my promise..."      |

     |  "I just want to talk to someone who was with him... "        |

     |  "Please, can you help...?"                                   |

     |                                                               |

     |  At the Wall, we find them every day. Veterans who have not   |

     |  spoken of their experiences even to their most intimate      |

     |  family members are now beginning, tentatively, to seek a     |

     |  responsive ear.                                              |

     |                                                               |

     |  Brothers and sisters, parents and even wives who were simply |

     |  never allowed full expression of their grief because of the  |

     |  fierce pressures of the time, are now coming forward,        |

     |  looking for someone who can help with their healing.         |

     |                                                               |

     |  We hear from children, now 15 - 25 years old, who are        |

     |  searching for bits and pieces of information they can        |

     |  assemble to help fill that empty place in their lives that   |

     |  is the father they never knew well, if at all. And they want |

     |  to talk to each other, to share their special needs and the  |

     |  unique experience of growing up with a father on the Wall.   |

     |  They understand each other all too well.                     |

     NAM VET Newsletter                                         Page 16

     Volume  5, Number  9                            September 17, 1991
     |                                                               |

     |  Millions of Americans need to meet and talk because of the   |

     |  Wall, and only the Friends can help them.                    |

     |                                                               |

     |  Initial discussions with many other national organizations   |

     |  whose work brings them into contact with Vietnam veterans    |

     |  and their loved ones have attested to the need for IN TOUCH  |

     |  and their willingness to help.                               |

     |                                                               |

     |  Simply put, the Friends will draw on its special work at the |

     |  Memorial,  its acquired and available data bases and         |

     |  programs designed and integrated by Electronic Data Systems  |

     |  (EDS), and the commitment and concern of its volunteers to   |

     |  place people with a common association to a name on the Wall |

     |  to be in voluntary communication with each other.            |

     |                                                               |

     |  From there, we will let human nature take its good course.   |

     |  And let the healing begin.                                   |

     |                                                               |

     |  The starting point for the data base will be the more than   |

     |  twenty thousand names of people who have requested name      |

     |  rubbings from our volunteers in Washington. Each will be     |

     |  contacted and given the opportunity to participate by being  |

     |  listed in the IN TOUCH central data base file.               |

     |                                                               |

     |  Confidentiality is the keyword to cooperation and IN TOUCH   |

     |  will respect the integrity of all lists and records.  Lists  |

     |  will be unavailable for public use and will not be           |

     |  distributed for any commercial purpose.                      |

     |                                                               |

     |  By its nature, IN TOUCH must reach far beyond the veterans   |

     |  community in order to be successful. With professional       |

     |  guidance, the Friends will develop a program of on-going     |

     |  articles and other coverage in major media markets, high-    |

     |  lighting the personal experiences of people as they are put  |

     |  "in touch."  The International Vietnam Veterans Echo         |

     |  Conference via the Herndon Byte eXchange 1:109/316 node as   |

     |  the enter point for gathering and disseminating information  |

     |  will be used.  Aside from bringing the program  into public  |

     |  awareness, these articles and stories will serve as a val-   |

     |  uable tool for public education on a wealth of matters       |

     |  relating to the Vietnam era.                                 |

     |                                                               |

     |  As a preliminary test of the IN TOUCH project, the Friends   |

     |  has implemented a pilot project to test the design and       |

     |  demands of such a program.  Several hundred requests with    |

     |  full background information have been entered into a system  |

     |  designed to match requestor data with the existing Memorial  |

     |  data. Even with such a small sample, limited data and a      |

     |  fairly unsophisticated cross-indexing system, matches have   |

     |  been made and IN TOUCH has produced its first real           |

     |  connections.  The results have been as profoundly moving for |

     |  the participants as expected. And as gratifying for the      |

     |  Friends.                                                     |

     |                                                               |

     |  But it was clear that the information management system and  |

     |  the supporting hardware system would have to be more power-  |

     |  ful and more complex in order to handle thousands, perhaps   |

     |  hundreds of thousands, of requests.  Confidentiality of the  |

     NAM VET Newsletter                                         Page 17

     Volume  5, Number  9                            September 17, 1991
     |  system and information must be paramount.                    |

     |                                                               |

     |  With well over 2,000 Vietnam veterans, Electronic Data       |

     |  Systems (EDS) became involved and has been generous in its   |

     |  assistance with designing the data management systems which  |

     |  will be critical to a successful program.  The Friends have  |

     |  reached a three-year working agreement with EDS which        |

     |  promises continuity and maximum potential for success in     |

     |  building an information bank that can truly help people in   |

     |  their search for others who knew a loved one.                |

     |                                                               |

     |  The Friends are delighted that Bob Hope has agreed to make   |

     |  a public service announcement which we can use on radio and  |

     |  television to help get the word out to the public on the     |

     |  availability of the service.                                 |

     |                                                               |

     |  The Friends are also pleased to note that Hewlett Packard,   |

     |  Zenith Data Systems, Borland International, FASTCOMM         |

     |  Communications Corporation and the First National Bank of    |

     |  Chicago have all contributed computer equipment, computer    |

     |  software, and office equipment to the project, so they are   |

     |  beginning to feel fully functional.                          |

     |                                                               |

     |  The Friends hear from people who have long been living with  |

     |  the pain of loss and looking for a way to heal.  For         |

     |  instance, the Friends recently received a letter from a      |

     |  woman who wrote:                                             |

     |                                                               |

     |       Dear Friends:                                           | 

     |           For quite some time I have been searching for a     |

     |       way to know my brother.  It seems hopeless at times.    |

     |       I was 12 when he was killed...  I had waited for the    |

     |       day he would come back to us.  He never did.  A part    |

     |       of me will always be 12 and continue to wait.           |

     |           Thank you for giving me hope that there may be      |

     |       a way to find him and bring him home to my heart..."    |

     |                                                               |

     |                          +   +   +                            |

     |                                                               |

     |           The Friends of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial        |

     |                     Electronic Data Systems                   |

     |           Herndon Byte eXchange TCOMMnet BBS 1:109/316        |

     |                                                               |        



     NAM VET Newsletter                                         Page 18

     Volume  5, Number  9                            September 17, 1991
                    IN-TOUCH Registration/Request Form


                             PLEASE READ BELOW


     I wish to be IN TOUCH with (Please circle and/or comment) Family, 

     Friends and/or Fellow Veterans of the following: 



     ----------- PERSON WHO DID NOT COME BACK FROM VIETNAM ------------

     First Name_____________ Middle Name___________ Last Name__________

     Relationship to You and/or Reason for Request 

     (Answer as fully as possible)_____________________________________




     Rank_______ Birth Date ______________ Soc. Sec. # ________________

     Tour Date of Birth _______________ Where Buried __________________

     Branch of Service:  AR__   NA__    AF__   MC__  CG__  RC__   CIV__

     (Fill in his/her equivalent unit designations in the spaces below)