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HISTNET Planning Committee, January 26, 1993

Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1993 13:46:00 CST
Reply-To: HISTNET Planning Committee
Sender: HISTNET Planning Committee
From: RICHARD JENSEN Subject: RE: re: various things
To: Multiple recipients of list HSTNET-L
welcome back, Tom:
1. one of the problems of Internet is that local nodes crash, and mail either evaporates or is delayed for long periods. That happened to me last week, and when the system went up again I had 860 messages. (Actually 720, but the counter is stuck with zero = 140, and no way to reset it on the Vax.)
2. I don't think we need a formal treaty between HNet & HistNet. Our memoranda of understanding are on record, and I can't see much conflict emerging.
3. Modesty may not be my long suit, but finance is. I would like to bundle a grant to NEH and perhaps private sources. The grant would fund HNet/HN training operations, especially at history conventions and history departments that invite us. It would be a good idea to put in some funding for ftp sites at Mississippi State and Kansas.
a) Believe it or not, Mabry and I have been talking about this off and on for three years.
b) NEH Research division is looking for excuses to fund computers & history. The division director Rufus Fears (Roman history) is a computer nut. HNet is stressing its superindex of history journals to meet this criterion, but we need some more ideas.
c) NEH Education division is a bit more conservative, and wants a clear connection between ecommunications and undergraduate teaching. FTP sites that are full of goodies for undergradaute courses will qualify.
d) FTP sites probably need student assistant money, and perhaps some hardware, software, phone bills....