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Spain & Portugal Chronology: Latin American Colonial Period


1469--Marriage of Isabella of Castille and Ferdinand of Aragón
1474--Introduction of printing to Peninsula at Valencia
1478--New Inquisition installed at Castille
1492--Jews expelled from Castille and Aragon
1492--Columbus arrives in New World
1494--Treaty of Tordesillas delineating Spanish and Portuguese overseas territory
1516--Charles I of Flanders becomes King of Spain, House of Hapsburg; unites Castille and Aragon
1519--Charles I is elected Holy Roman Emperor Charles V
1519-1522--Cortes overthrows Aztec empire and adds New Spain to Spanish crown
1520-1523--Revolt of the communeros in Spain, Charles reduces town power
1527--sack of Roma by Imperial troops
1517--Martin Luther begins Protestant Reformation
1531-34--Pizarro overthrows Inca Empire, New Castille
1539--Ignatius Loyola founds Society of Jesus (Jesuits)
1545--discovery of silver mountain of Potosí
1545-52--Council of Trent initiates the Counter or Catholic Reformation
1554--Philip of Spain marries Mary Tudor
1555-58--successive abdications of Charles, leaving Low Countries and Italian dependencies to Spain, German empire to brother
1556--1598--Philip II of Spain
1565--Spain takes possession of Philippines
1568-70--Morisco uprising
1571--Don John of Austria (working for Spain) defeats Turkish fleet at Lepanto
1579--United Provinces of Low Countries declare independence (recognized by Spain in 1609)
1580--Philip II incorporates Portugal into Spanish Crown, holds until 1640
1588--defeat of Armada
1598--Philip II dies and Philip II rules until 1621
1609-l1--Expulsion of Moriscos
1620--Spain enters Thirty Years' War
1630-54--Dutch established in Northeastern Brazil and in Angola
1643--Spain defeat at Rocroi (end of Spanish invincibility on ground)
1621-64--Philip IV becomes king of Spain
1655--English capture Jamaica
1659--Peace of the Pyranees ends 24 years of war with France
1665--1700--Charles II, last of Hapsburgs
1700--Charles II leaves throne to Philip of Anjou, grandson of Louis XIV
1702--1713--War of the Spanish Succession. Spain an international battlefield
1704--loss of Gibraltar
1700-1746--Philip V. Begin Bourbon dynasty in Spain
1746-1759--Ferdinand VI
1759-1788--Charles III
1788-1808--Charles IV
1808-1833--Ferdinand VII
Independence movements at various times.


1143--Portugal recognized as sovereign kingdom by Castille and León
1267--Cession by Castille of claims to Algarve complete European territorial integration of Portugal
1385--Battle of Aljubarrota secures Portugal from Castillian designs for 200 years
1415--Capture of Ceuta launches Portugal on overseas conquest.
1424--Canary Islands settled by Portugal (Azores in 1445)
1488--Dias around Cape of Good Hope
1498--Vasco da Gama reaches India via Cape of Good Hope
1500--Cabral lands in Brazil
1509-1515--Portugal establishes naval supremacy in Red Sea and Persian Gulf
1510--Capture of Goa in India, thereafter seat of Portuguese viceroyalty in India
1511 --seizure of Malacca opens to Portuguese way to Indo-China and Spice Islands
1536--Inquisition to Portugal
1542--Portuguese discover Japan to Europe
1580-1640--union with Spain
1640--Portuguese recover independence under Braganza dynasty
1655-63--loss of Ceylon and Malabar to Dutch spells eclipse of Portuguese Far Eastern Empire
1699--First consignment of Brazilian gold reaches Lisbon (Lisboa)
1755--Lisbon earthquake brings Pombal to power
1759--Jesuits expelled from Portugal
1807--Portuguese regent and court sail for Brazil as Napoleon's troops enter Lisbon
1808--Brazil becomes the center of the Portuguese empire
1815--Brazil declared a kingdom
1822--Brazilian Independence

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