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National Archives Records

Recently [1991] published in Prologue: Quarterly of the National Archives is a three-part article describing records related to
Vietnam.  The first part, by Charles Shaughnessy, describes the
scope and content of the textual records collection.
Approximately 30,000 cubic feet of materials created in the
Republic of Vietnam by army commands and Joint Service
headquarters were transferred to the National Archives in 1987.
To date, about half have been processed and about 6,000 feet
opened to researchers.  An estimated 5,000 cubic feet of records
remain closed due to their security classification.
The second part of this article is by Margaret O'Neill Adams of
the Center for Electronic Records.  Her article describes the
variety of records in the Center's collection as split into two
main categories; military and nonmilitary records.
a)   Military records include the following: Combat Area Detail
     and Summary Files (OPREA), 1961-1973, Combat Naval Gunfire
     Support File (CONGA), Mar. 1966-Jan. 1973, Mine Warfare
     Activities File (MINEA), May 1972-Jan. 1973, Naval
     Surveillance Activities File (NAVSA), Feb 22, 1966-Dec. 9,
     1972, Situation Report Army File (SITRA), 1966-1973, the
     [Southeast Asia] Combat Area Casualties Database, Hamlet
     Evaluation System (HES), Jan 1967-Jan 1974, Herbicide File
     (HERBO-2), 1965-1970, Military Prime Contract File, 1966-
     1975, Phung Hoang Management Information System, Jan 1969-
     Jun 1972, Combat Operations Loss and Expenditure Data-
     Vietnam, 1968-1970, National Police Infrastructure Analysis
     System (NPIASS), Subsystems I and II, 1971-1973, and the
     Army Adjutant General's Center Casualty Information System,
b)   Nonmilitary records cover a number of topics and were
     collected from a variety of government agencies.
     Nonmilitary records related to Vietnam include the
     following: the Survey of Campus Incidents as Interpreted by
     Collecge Presidents, Faculty Chairmen, and Student Body
     Presidents (RG 220, Records of Temporary Committees,
     Commissions, and Boards - the President's Commission on
     Campus Unrest), a number of public opinion polls conducted
     by the US Information Agency during the early 1970's, and
     the Consistency Audit Data Base and Demographic Survey of
     Applicants (RG 429, Records in the Exective Office of the
     President, The Presidential Clemency Board, 1974-1975).
The third part of the article, by Elizabeth Hill, briefly
describes the collection of photographs in the Still Pictures
Branch of the National Archives.  These photographs have only
recently been transferred to the Archives and contains
approximately 60,000 images.  The bulk of the records date from
For those interested in obtaining a copy of this issue of
PROLOGUE, individual copies of the Spring 1991 issue (Vol. 23,
No. 1), can be ordered for $3.00 each.  Please make check or
money order payable to the National Archives Trust Fund (NEPS)
and send to the Cashier, National Archives, Washington, DC
For specific questions about electronic records from the Vietnam
Era, the Reference Services office of the Center for Electronic
Records can be contacted at (202) 501-5579 or via BITNET at
TIF@NIHCU.  Our address is Center for Electronic Records (NNX),
Reference Services, ATTN: Margaret Adams, Washington, DC  20408.
Theodore Hull
Archival Services Branch
Center for Electronic Records