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In Country: Songs of the Vietnam War

A digital recording of 28 songs written and sung in country by American servicemen about their experiences and emotions there.

Some of the songs are original compositions, performed by their composers, others are variants of songs sung in World War I, World War II, and the Korean War, performed by men who learned and sang them in Vietnam. The singers and song writers include fighter and bomber pilots, grunts, members of the elite forces, and rear echelon personnel. The recording is available in record stores or it may be ordered from the Vietnam Veterans Oral History and Folklore Project at the address below. The price is $9.98 for a cassette or $15.98 for a CD. A teacher's manual is also available for $3.00 from the Project.

SAUL BROUDY: Green T-Shirt Blues, Saigon Warrior, Chu Yen

CHIP DOCKERY: The Panther Pack is Prowling, Ling Po Drove the Truck Away, Sitting in the Cab of My Truck, I've Been Everywhere

BULL DURHAM: Jolly Green, Danang Lullaby, Crack Went the Rifle

BILL ELLIS: Grunt, First Cav, Firefight, Freedom Bird

TOBY HUGHES: Ho Chi Minh Trail, Tchepone, Cobra Seven,

DICK JONAS: Pull the Boom from the Gashole, Will There Be a Tomorrow?, Fighter Pilot's Christmas, Battle Hymn of the River Rats

CHUCK ROSENBERG: Six Clicks, Ba Muoi Ba, Green Beret and Friendly FAC, Boonie Rat Song

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