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  • Banking History of Mexico(405 clicks)
    WebSite by Gustavo A. Del Angel-Mobarak, Stanford University.
  • Brown, Jonathan C. Oil and Revolution in Mexico(554 clicks)
    Scholarly book
  • Challenges in Petroleum Policy for the Next President of Mexico, 1994(414 clicks)
    By George Baker.
  • Gilberto Calderón Ortiz, Privatización de la Banca en México(424 clicks)
    Scholarly article on the return of private banking in Mexico
  • Mexican Market Basket, June 13, 1976(425 clicks)
    Comparison of grocery and liquor prices in 1976 before the devaluation of the peso that year.
  • Outlook for the Energy Sector in Mexico [1994](406 clicks)
    Analysis by George Baker, an expert on petroleum policy.
  • Reconstruccion de la Biblioteca del Colegio de Minas(407 clicks)
    Reconstruction of Mexico's Royal School of Mines' Library from 1790 to 1826